Full Biography

  • 1912 
    Born in Gentilly (Val de Marne) April 14.
  • 1925/1929 
    Studies at Estienne School where he obtains an engraver-lithographer diploma
  • 1930 
    Font designer and photography internship at Ulmann studio for drug manufacturers.
  • 1931 
    Camera assistant for André Vigneau.
  • 1932 
    Sells his first report to the daily newspaper ’L’Excelsior.’
  • 1934/1939 
    Industrial photographer for Renault’s factory in Billancourt.
  • 1939 
    Loses his job for repeated lateness.
    Meets Charles Rado, founder of Rapho Agency.
    Becomes an independent photographer
  • 1942 
    Meets Maximilien Vox for whom he creates numerous photo essays
  • 1945 
    Starts his collaboration with Pierre Betz, publisher of Le Point journal.
    Meets Blaise Cendrars in Aix-en-Provence.
  • 1946 
    Returns to the Rapho Agency, now headed by Raymond Grosset.
    Photo essays for the weekly magazine ‘Action.’
  • 1947 
    Meets Jacques Prévert and Robert Giraud
    Wins the Kodak Prize
  • 1949/1951 
    Contract with Vogue magazine
  • 1956 
    Wins the Niepce Prize
  • 1960 
    Travels to the USA and photo reports from New York City, Hollywood and Palm Springs
  • 1966  
    Travels to Canada : report in Montreal, spends a few days in NYC
  • 1967 
    Photo report in USSR ’50 years of soviet achievements’
  • 1971 
    French tour of museums with Jacques Dubois
  • 1973 
    ‘Le Paris de Robert Doisneau’ a film by François Porcile
  • 1975 
    Invited to the ‘Rencontres d’Arles’ photo festival
  • 1981 
    ‘Poète et piéton’ a film by François Porcile.
    Travels to New York City
  • 1983 
    Wins the French ‘National Grand Prize of Photography’
  • 1984 
    Participates in the photographic mission of the DATAR
  • 1986 
    Wins the Balzac Prize
  • 1990 
    Video Contacts (CNP/La Sept/Riff Production).
  • 1992 
    ‘Bonjour Monsieur Doisneau’ a film by french actress Sabine Azéma
  • 1993 
    ‘Doisneau des villes et Doisneau des champs’ a film by Patrick Cazals for french television
  • 1994 
    Dies in Paris on the 1st of April