Photographic prints sale

Photographic prints

The Atelier Robert Doisneau does not sell any new photographic prints.

The only prints for sale under control of the Atelier Robert Doisneau are the prints that Robert himself dedicated to collectors. Signed prints, usually 30x40, a few 40x50 or 50x60 and very seldom vintage prints.

To buy one of these collector’s items, please contact Claude Bernard’s Gallery:
7-9, rue des Beaux Arts
75006 Paris
tel : + 33 (0) 1 43 26 97 07

Numerous Robert Doisneau’s prints are for sale on the internet. They mostly are simple press agency prints intended for illustration. They have no art collection value.

These prints, that usually have not been returned to the agencies who had lent them, should not be for sale since they are just stolen (as the explicit rubber stamp prints on the back sides stipulate).

We point this out to warn you about swindles and fraudulent schemes to sell these non-collectible prints.


The Atelier Robert Doisneau, the only authorized organisation for issuing certificates of authenticity, will appraise your prints for free.

To apply, please send a scan, the photo itself or a duplex copy of it to: